Jaguar Security

Jaguar Security

Jaguar Security is a Perth-based security company that provides efficient, personalized and highly professional security guard services. Our aim is to make you feel safe, by providing security services to ensure that you and your business and its stakeholders are feeling secure and protected.

As you know that crime rate is on the rise and assaults on property have increased lately. Many businesses have turned to companies providing security services to secure their premises. Most firms have realized that cameras, lasers, and alarms are insufficient to stop shoplifters, vandals, and burglars.

At Jaguar security we understand that security is a discipline that requires a holistic view and approach to be successful in mitigating an organization’s risks and vulnerabilities. Security should be defined by its strategic role in supporting a business process; and by its increasingly important and employees.

Our mission and vision is to seek continuous development of Jaguar security and its staff through constant training and providing exceptional professional service to exceed client satisfaction.

Our high level customer service sets us apart in the competition, such as initial contact with the customer/patrons, handling complaints, security requirements and liaising with our designated client or our client’s nominated supervisor/ management personnel.

The decision to hire security guard companies is an important one and choosing the right one for your needs can make a real difference to provide safety and security to your business. The notion of security as a business enabler is now an essential concept for enterprises in every industry.

As your security provider, we are committed to ensuring that our strategy, people, technology and process are all integrated and working for you as a valued partner.



With our Personal Asset Protection Services, we provide clients with a high level of personal protection for both corporate as well as private security. Personal Asset Protection is focused on an elite level of security that maintains top notch of safety measures for important clients. Our protection personnel specialize in threat identification and prevention.

Whether it be onsite protection, during production or in transit where we can provide efficient protection for a wide range of high-value assets such as critical infrastructure, high value commercial sites as well as retail, private, development, public domains, electronics, gold and diamonds

Wherever the client is either at home or at office or on the move we will be able to provide a safe environment for the client with utmost efficiency. We work with the client to ensure security remains a focus without hindering their day to day operations in such a way that our presence is more of a comfort to them.

We have experience working with a wide range of entities, including high profile individuals.

  • Residential Protection services
  • Corporate Protection services

Jaguar Security Services are not limited to the following.

  • Static Guards
  •  Loss Prevention Officer
  •  Crowd Controller
  •  Close Protection
  •  Emergency Response



When it comes to covering extensive gated sites or be it rugged, inaccessible or security sensitive terrain, our patrols can keep watch round the clock. We provide a variety of security services at retail shopping Centres to residential Apartments including hospitals, aged Care as well as all kinds of medical facilities.

All our mobile security officers are highly efficient and alert in guarding and protection techniques to ensure a quick response time which leads to high efficiency. Our mobile security patrols will be available on short notice in the case of an emergency, delivering fast turnaround times that efficiently takes care of any kind of emergency situation.

If a security breach is identified, a security officer will be dispatched immediately to carry out an inspection of the premises. We will bring in practical support and reassurance, be it dealing with an accidental alarm activation or break-in; we will be on site within the blink of an eye once the intrusion has been identified.

Our 24-hour alarm monitoring and response service directly interacts with our mobile security patrol team to provide a complete service no matter what the time is. We also offer security alarmed CCTV installations for the convenience of our client.

Our alarm response services are focused around efficient turnaround times, open communication lines and proper handling of such situations. We cater for industrial, commercial and residential properties as well.

Our 24-hour alarm monitoring service caters for:

  • Property Intrusion
  •  Out of Hours Entry
  • Alarm Arming Assistance